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Enroll in or Change Benefits

You can enroll in benefits as a new hire or during the annual open enrollment period. During your initial eligibility period or during the annual open enrollment period, you will need to complete and return the 2022 Employee Enrollment Form to the NBBE Benefits Desk. If you miss the enrollment deadline, you’ll need to wait until the next open enrollment (the one time each year that you can make changes to your benefits for any reason).

Outside of open enrollment, you may be able to add or remove dependents or change benefits options if you have a qualifying life. Changes must be submitted within 31 days. Eligible qualifying events include:

  • change in legal marital status
  • change in number of dependents or dependent eligibility status
  • change in employment status that affects eligibility for you, your spouse, or dependent child(ren)
  • change in residence that affects access to network providers
  • change in your health coverage or your spouse’s coverage due to your spouse’s employment
  • change in an individual’s eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid
  • court order requiring coverage for your child
  • “special enrollment” event under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including a new dependent by marriage, birth or adoption, or loss of coverage under another health insurance plan
  • event allowed under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act (you have 60 days to request enrollment due to events allowed under CHIP).

If you have an employee that would like to enroll for the first time or change overage due to a qualifying life event, please have them completed an employee enrollment application. If you have an employee who is waiving coverage or terminating coverage due to a qualifying life event, please have them complete the employee declination form. Both forms can be found on the join the trust page.

All forms must be returned to your Association/Exchange contact or to nbbebenefits@alliant.com within 30 days of the event.

If you have questions about your contributions, please reach out to your Association.

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